Garden Audio files can be invoked directly from a QR Code, to hear an introduction about the Garden Audio service using this method  simply use your mobile camera to scan the QR code opposite, or you can try our 'two clicks' method by entering your own mobile number below. 

From our testing we would recommend the I-nigma Bar Code reader which worked well for us, follow their instructions to install a reader on your phone.  

Type the web address directly into your mobile browser (or click the link)

Text the word i-nigma to +44 7797 882325. You will receive back an SMS containing a link to the i-nigma download site.

Then choose 'Market' to invoke the donwload.

Garden Audio QR Code

To try a free example of our plant audio menu on your mobile phone click here.

 ... or you can simply text 'Garden' to this free number +44786 003 4103 ,

 Why not give it a try now!

If you would like to try our new Mobile App, get in touch with us now.

It looks up any plant audio track instantly, there is nothing to install or download, you can give it a try in seconds, just ask us to send you the invocation link to your phone, all we need is your mobile number, why not give it a try !