Garden Audio offer their comprehensive audio library as an e-learning service for use by Garden Centre staff.

Plant Knowledge is often very difficult for staff to learn, and it can take many years to become a plantsperson. Using our 'Teach Yourself' plant audio library, staff can learn as they go and even use the service when serving your customers.

Benefits of our e-learning Training

Conventional training methods can be expensive. Garden Audio can be a powerful additional tool. The advantages are that the audio training files can be presented on company tablets , or accessed via the employees smart phone and so are accessible at any time from the employees pocket.

  • SOUND: can be heard in lighting conditions which are difficult for visibility on small screens
  • TRUE MOBILITY: the trainee can listen to the file as they are working in the same way as people listen to music as they exercise.
  • ACCEPTABILITY: customers view employees looking at a screen as unavailable and the employees attention is taken by the screen so they are unaware of customer need. Listening either to the ear or through an earpiece leaves the employees awareness of a customer less impaired.
  • MOTIVATION: a sound file can impart the motivation and excitement of the trainer and can emphasise powerfully the key points without relying on the reading/comprehension skills of the audience. Choosing different voices and approaches can make each file fresh , interesting and memorable.
  • REPETITION: the file is there in the pocket and available easily at any time for motivated employees.
  • AGE PROFILE: young people especially spend lots of time listening to music, so the delivery method is ideal for them.

Customer Support and Service

The Garden Audio Talking Plant Library can complement existing training methods at a low cost. It provides initial product knowledge and identifies additional linked products that a plant needs to make it successful.

  • ENCYCLOPAEDIC: all staff can be carrying in their pocket sufficient knowledge to help any client.
  • STAFF CONFIDENCE: if the customer question can be answered, the confidence of the employee will increase and enhance the chances of an immediate sale and increase customer confidence to return.
  • STAFF EFFECTIVELY CONTRIBUTE: from the moment they are “on the floor” a staff member is able to contribute, reducing staff development time and also staff turnover.  Staff feel confident even as they face that first apprehensive day.
  • SOUND SELLS: in the same way that a good sound file can motivate the staff member in training, the customer can be enthused as they listen and the staff member can interact as the file is played to the customer.
  • STOP / START EMPHASIS: the key points for the customer can be identified by the sales person as the file is played (they are looking at the customer - NOT at a screen) and key points can be emphasised by the sales person or replayed.
  • LINK SALES: because the linked sales product information is provided alongside the plant audio file, the sales person is therefore reminded to suggest these, or the persuasive voice on the file suggests these products to the customer directly.
  • PURCHASER SUCCESS & CONFIDENCE: planting and care information helps make the plant purchase a success and confidence in your brand is built.
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: the staff member can advise the customer how to use their mobile phone to access the Garden Audio Service to help with planting when they get home.
  • DISABILITY SUPPORT: blind customers are supported so grant aid may be available. Additionally many older clients are long sighted and a sound file played to them is effective.

Key Benefits

  • Cost Effective acquisition of plant knowledge
  • Continuous training on site
  • Immediate staff effectiveness
  • No waiting for that training course
  • Reduce induction training time
  • Brand confidence built through effective staff
  • Supports special offer marketing
  • Motivates young staff using modern technology
  • Link Sales: make the most of every opportunity
  • Repeated use of the sound information makes staff experts

  • Immediatley effective
  • Low set up costs
  • Engage new recruits
  • Train on the spot
  • Expert Support
  • Enjoyable e-learning
  • £99 per Site / month
  • Unlimited Staff Access