There is no ‘app’ (smart phone application) to download.

The process of accessing the service is specifically designed for those with limited smart phone expertise.

The process begins with the sending of a very short text message code (this is free of cost). 

The sender receives back a short text message which when clicked automatically loads our 'Audio Menu', this is instant and requires no installation or complex keying.

By selecting options within the Audio Menu the Garden visitor can listen to information about the plant they are viewing in only 2 or 3 clicks, the Audio Menu can accommodate any number of Gardens that might exist at the venue.

Garden Audio have also developed a dedicated smart phone App for use by plantsman or other people who may wish to access the audio library when they are not at a specific geographic location.

This smart phone App works differently to the Garden Audio Menu service, it is designed for the more knowledgeable user, although very easy to use. 

For more details on this App please contact Mike Drury.