The Garden Audio service can be implemented at any Show Garden or Garden Centre.

The system is free to use for the end user (anyone visiting the Garden or Centre) there is nothing for them to pay, but the person using their smart phone must be able to send a short text message and have access to either a wi-fi or 3G data service.

The location or venue pays Garden Audio Ltd one simple monthly fee for provision of the service and access to the many thousands of tracks in the audio library.

For all new customers joining the service during 2012, a special ‘early adopters rate’ per month is currently available. There is no further cost to the visitor or user of the service.

Where the local 3G signal is weak, then we recommend and arrange to be installed, a dedicated wi-fi service for the delivery of audio files within the garden area.

Where there is a local 3G network signal provided by the GSM Networks (Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, et al) then there is no need for any special installation of a wi-fi service, generally this is the case for any location near a population centre, of course the signal strength available from each of the networks will vary.

 The Garden Audio library tracks are optimised for delivery at high speed over any of the 3G national networks, of course the end user must have a 'data' component as part of their contract with their service provider, again this is generally the case.  From the site trials conducted by Garden Audio, we have found that close to 50% of show garden visitors typically are able to access the audio service.