Garden Audio is a brand new service that will launch at Glebe Garden Centre on the weekend of 16th & 17th June. The service will cover their range of climbers to start with, then extend to perennials, shrubs, trees and all other plants eventually. The service provides customers with information on their own smart phones about individual plants there and then on the spot. This is delivered as an audio track of around 45 seconds long.            

The audio information describes everything customers need to know to make their plant purchase a success in their own garden – such as how high and wide the plant grows, what aspect and soil conditions it needs (a little more comprehensive than the plant label), supplemented by how to plant it, growing tips, and information about what else will be required (e.g. compost, stakes, tree ties, plant supports, etc.)            

One text message brings up the audio menus, then with two clicks the plant audio files are accessed via the particular plant’s latin name shown within the audio menu. Customers can even listen to information when they get home later, allowing them to refer back to things like planting tips.

There is no ‘app’ to download and the simple process of accessing the service is specifically designed for those with limited smart phone expertise. There is no fiddly keying necessary, or the need to find your way round web-pages (which are always hard to see outdoors). 

This service is free to customers – the only cost is for one text and a small amount of data, which is usually covered within the smart-phone user’s standard contract from the network operator. Come along and try it for yourself on 16th & 17th June.