Garden Audio is a service for Show Gardens & Garden Centres

We create a bespoke set of audio menus to match your garden layout which then can be used free of cost by any visitor using their own Smart Phone. Visitors can then listen to information about the plants they are viewing using our simple & unique 'Two Clicks' method.

"Garden Audio - the expert in your pocket"

 Garden Audio benefits your business

Now you can enhance the customer experience, ensuring visitors want to return again and again.

Audio Menus can be linked to your web site plant catalogue, potentially increasing sales revenues.

Covered by one simple monthly fee (starting from a surprisingly low figure) for the provision of the service.

We provide an extensive library of plant audio files – which can be easily enhanced if required.

Our Garden Audio Service will make your garden appeal to a wider range of visitors.

Simply promoted using our posters & leaflets provided to ensure uptake of the service by visitors.


To find out more, please E-mail us or call on this number

 0845 474 2238

 Benefits for your visitors

In just two clicks* anyone using a smart phone or Blackberry can listen to our audio files.

Users hear the information on the spot – no need to go home and do their own plant research.

Garden Audio apply tried and tested technology, there are no  ‘apps’ for users to download before they can listen. 

Garden Audio ensures that your visitors save time and money by purchasing  the right plants for their garden situation.

There is no immediate cost to the end user, particularly when your Garden is equipped with a Wi-Fi service.

It’s like having a personal expert walking round with them – no need to write notes or carry heavy reference books.

Users can check stock availability if they want to.

*The Two Clicks method is based on a text message to invoke the menu and one or more clicks to access the audio file.

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