Smart Phones are Growing!

Statistics indicate that smart phones now account for 24% of the 428 million mobile phones sold globally in 2011.    

This represents an 85 per cent increase in uptake. Analysts predict that this figure will rise over the coming months and years, providing an incredible opportunity for forward thinking businesses to communicate to their customers in innovative ways. 

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 A Garden visitor listening on his Smart Phone to an Audio track for one of the plants in the Herb Garden at Barnsdale.

Garden Audio Smart Phone

   Although the demographic of smart phone users is still skewed towards younger people, the technology will inevitably permeate into the hands of more mature audiences.

From a gardening industry perspective, the Garden Audio product will accelerate what we have witnessed during the past few years - that gardening can be ‘sexy’ and desirable to the twenty and thirty-somethings, your next customers.